Sunday, 22 January 2012

January 22 2012 Evening Stuff

Make an Impromptu Heat Pad LifeHacker
Cheap and Simple Love It 

How do I see the Northern Lights on a budget? Globe and Mail
Cool Trip 

15 things to see and do in Canada before you die Globe and Mail
My bucket list just keeps getting longer and longer

Mercury-sized exoplanet is being vaporized into a cloud of gas  IO9
Wow death by Sun

How birds use optical illusion to woo females IO9
humm interesting 

Montreal's Snow village is a mid-winter night's dream Montreal Gazette
Going to visit in the next couple of weekends

Add a Weight-Stabilizing Hook to Your Camera Tripod LifeHacker
Cool Hack

Best evidence showing we need SOPA based on 'govt studies' that never existed IT World
No one ever showed the studies, I guess this is why

Grass Flip Flops Make Every Day a Walk In the Park Gizmodo
Want a pair of these 

Drinking Doubles Your Lifespan and Makes You Impervious to Stress* Gizmodo
If you are a worm 

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