Tuesday, 24 January 2012

January 24 2012 Morning Stuff

Strongest solar storm since 2005 hitting Earth 
http://bit.ly/zN1dCo Globe and Mail

Costa Concordia compensation: Survivors offered 30% off next cruise
http://bit.ly/yoqZI8 Globe and Mail
words fail me on this..

Web apps: less flash but faster, cheaper, easier and simpler 
http://bit.ly/w9OwsA Globe and Mail

Don’t Panic: Recently Leaked Facebook Credentials Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Facebook Was Hacked 
http://lifehac.kr/whLJw6 LifeHacker

The Best Screencasting App for Mac OS X 
http://lifehac.kr/AiN8te LifeHacker
Useful for training material among other things

iBooks Author Gives You the Power to Design Your Own Book, Here’s What You Should Know http://lifehac.kr/zimSmZ LiveHacker
Good to know

Hydro Quebec begins $1 billion smart meters project amid health concerns
Emissions fraction of microwave oven
http://bit.ly/A49R2C Montreal Gazette

The Waiter’s Friend: The Only Tool You Need To Get Drunk 
http://gizmo.do/wsWzcJ Gizmodo
A great tool for your bar 

Encrypting Your Hard Drive No Longer Works Against Federal Prosecution http://gizmo.do/xbE9Kd Gizmodo
Not a good thing 

How The Biggest Solar Storm Since 2005 Is Going to Affect You 
http://gizmo.do/zgGVpD Gizmodo

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