Friday, 27 January 2012

January 27 2012 Morning Stuff

Hydro scare tactics shocking Toronto Sun
Not sure who is correct on the state of the system, but it sounds like some trimming should be done a the top

Feeling depressed? Maybe you’re working too much Globe and Mail

Twitter to censor tweets in individual countries Globe and Mail
Not good

Tiles Keeps Your Open Windows and Shortcuts Organized to Reduce Screen Clutter LifeHacker
This may work for you depending on your working style

Fix a Worn Out Video Game Controller with Aluminum Foil LifeHacker
Cool fix that could save you some $

Eat Your World spotlights regional foods and drinks around the world. Local grub, typical fare, indigenous eats Eat Your World
Cool Idea, going to play with the site

Prevent Car Doors From Freezing Shut with Cooking Spray LifeHacker
Humm If it really work cool

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