Thursday, 19 January 2012

January 19 2012 Morning Stuff

The Manual Photography Cheat Sheet Keeps You Familiar with All Your Camera’s Different Settings LifeHacker
Very cool 

Bring This Checklist with You Next Time You’re Apartment Hunting LifeHacker

How to Prioritize When Everything Is Important LifeHacker
For when you are having one of those months 

Design Your Schedule So Your Creative Duties Fall When You’re Tired LifeHacker
Humm Interesting

All About PIPA and SOPA, the Bills That Want to Censor Your Internet LifeHacker

Ontario court paves way for victims of privacy intrusion to sue snoopers Globe and Mail
A Good Idea 

Political support for SOPA fades as protests darken Internet Globe and Mail
Very Very Good News

After 12 million years, plant species at risk of extinction Globe and Mail
It would be a shame to loose this plant

SOPA and PIPA laws would affect Canadians if passed Montreal Gazette

Everything You Need To Know About Babylon 5  IO9
One of my favourite  TV series ever #B5

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