Thursday, 2 February 2012

February 1 2012 Evening Stuff

WD-40 Will Loosen Up Your Unresponsive iPhone’s Home Button in Seconds LifeHacker
Not sure I will try this 

Make Dried Apples for a Cheap, Healthy Snack That Stores for Months LifeHacker

Build a Stronger Professional Network with These Tips from LinkedIn’s Founder LifeHacker
good advice

Turn a Firing Into a Lesson and Use the Experience on Your Next Job Interview LifeHacker 

Today Is Change Your Password Day: Celebrate by Upgrading Your Password System LifeHacker
Security time please read

Scientists say sugar is as toxic as alcohol – and there should be a drinking age for soda IO9
Your Thoughts on this?

10 Of Scifi And Fantasy’s Most Aesthetically Significant Bathroom Death Scenes IO9
Have only seen 3 of these movies

Technologies that we’ve lost – and the quest to find them again IO9
Pyramid building should be on the list

20 Million Year Old Lake Beneath Antarctica Is About to Be Uncovered IO9

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