Sunday, 19 February 2012

February 19 2012 Morning Stuff

How some sixth-century British settlers could save the day for Canada  Globe and Mail
These claims need to be explored further, but if proven the strengthen Canada's claims in the North.

Fifty years later, Mercury vets gather to mark Glenn’s space milestone  Globe and Mail
Wow 50 years have pasted. 

Four ‘wow’ features in Apple’s Mountain Lion OS Globe and Mail

Undersea vents a ‘time machine’ on climate change Globe and Mail
Things do not look good based on current trends

T.O. handicapped parking cash grab Toronto Sun
This sounds bad

Montreal's cold comforts 
Many warm places for family fun when the mercury dives Toronto Sun
Lot's of local fun

YardShare is a Social Network for Outdoor DIY and Gardening LifeHacker
Neat Idea, for my Gardening Friends

Clean Dryer Ducts to Improve Efficiency and Save Money LifeHacker
Start you spring cleaning now... and save money

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