Friday, 3 February 2012

February 3 2012 Evening Stuff

Skype for Windows Can Now Video Chat with Facebook, Adds Group Screen Sharing and Push to Talk LifeHacker
Very Cool

The UNDFIND One Bag Transforms Into Whatever Kind of Messenger Bag You Need LifeHacker
Very Cool if you can only have one bag

The Best Calendar App for Linux LifeHacker

What Are Some Tasty, Healthy Alternatives to Soda? LifeHacker
mmm want to try some of these

FreshBatch for Mac Renames Parts of Files and Converts Basic File Types in Bulk  LifeHacker

Read the Manual Before Making Big Purchases LifeHacker
Great Idea

Gravity-defying fluids are the most mind-blowing thing you’ve seen all week IO9

Negative Nancy? Your Facebook friends might hate you for it: 
Study Toronto Sun

Rogers vows end to Internet ‘throttling’ in 2012 Globe and Mail
Let's hope it is soon

Take a break from work, reflect and save your life Globe and Mail
Balance is the key

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