Friday, 3 February 2012

February 3 2012 Morning Stuff

Facebook group wants to save Ontario Place cinesphere Toronto Sun
Help Keep the Cinesphere Please. When I think of Ontario Place, I see the Cinesphere in my mind.

Your state sucks at science IO9
Wow not a good level of science across the USA

Why is the U.S. government trying to control the contents of scientific journals? IO9
Science needs to be free. Ideas need to be exchanged and reviewed

Mac OS X Bug Causing All Apps to Crash in 10.7.3; Here’s the Somewhat Complicated Fix LifeHacker 
I did the down load 

Dexim Visible Green Charger Lights Up so You Can See Your Phone’s Battery Status from Afar, Saves Energy LifeHacker
Very cool. All chargers should be able to shut down when done

How to Be the Bearer of Bad News LifeHacker

Verbling Pairs You with Native Speakers So You Can Practice Speaking New Languages LifeHacker
Very Cool Idea

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