Monday, 13 February 2012

February 13 2012 Morning Stuff

Ontario Place water park fixed up — then closed Toronto Sun
The keep "improving" the park and the number of visitors goes down

KeyboardClean Tool Locks Your Mac Keyboard While Cleaning Spills and Crumbs LifeHacker

Build a Secret Closet Door for $200 or Less LifeHacker
Interesting project but he seems to own a lot of guns

Does the language you speak really affect how you see the future? IO9
Humm, Interesting hypothesis

LEGO Lord of The Rings, Avengers, and Deadpool debut at Toy Fair! IO9

Shifting ocean currents can (and do) actually speed up Earth’s rotation IO9
Wow learn something new every day 

Travelling in Modern Day China Requires Cold War Era Secret Agent Skills Gizmodo
Overkill or playing it safe?

Is the Senate Trying to Sneak In a New SOPA Bill? Gizmodo
Hope Not 

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