Tuesday, 7 February 2012

February 7 2012 Evening Stuff

How Paranoid Should I Be About Trusting Companies With My Personal Data? http://lifehac.kr/ADQSFd LifeHacker
It is not as simple as you might want it to be. 

Train Yourself to Become a Morning Person and Test If You’re a Real Lark or Night Owl http://lifehac.kr/zKgeQP LifeHacker
This may help you

Cancer is just as deadly as it was 50 years ago. Here’s why that’s about to change. http://on.io9.com/yp4pG1 IO9
Very much worth the read

10 Movies and TV Shows Where Everybody Probably Died 5 Minutes After the End http://on.io9.com/z2TNLF IO9
Never Thought about it...

Risks of using your phone or iPad at work 
http://bit.ly/xy0vgo Globe and Mail

Why a Late Reply Can Be a Compliment 
http://lifehac.kr/zRyUZk LifeHacker

LARK Silent Alarm Clock Will Wake You Up Without Disturbing Your Partner and Help You Sleep Better 
http://lifehac.kr/yfup0f LifeHacker
Cool Idea

Make Perfect, Restaurant-Style Shredded Chicken in Your Mixer 
http://lifehac.kr/ywk1PE LifeHacker

Conquer Common Stains with the Stain First Aid Chart 
http://lifehac.kr/xCCDo4 LifeHacker

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