Saturday, 18 February 2012

February 18 2012 Morning Stuff

Google on its heels after Safari privacy breach Globe and Mail
Oh Google what have you done now

Scientists weigh terror threat against public health in publishing dilemma  Globe and Mail
The bad guy's know/can get info already. All they are doing is prevent other researchers from have access to the information and letting the public know what risks are out there.

Twitter unveils self-service advertising system Globe and Mail
This makes sense for the right business's 

China’s hard choice: iPad jobs, or iPad trademark Globe and Mail
It looks like a money grab to me, but I do not have all the info

The flaws in Canada's financial adviser system Globe and Mail
Wow did not know this

Use the Oven Light to Remind You to Turn the Oven Off LifeHacker
Been doing this for years, simple but it works

Fold and Pack Your Suits Like a Dry Cleaner for Wrinkle-Free Portability LifeHacker
For my friends who travel a lot

Google+ Adds Instant Photo Upload to iOS LifeHacker
Do I want to up load every photo I take to G+? Hell No

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