Tuesday, 21 February 2012

February 21 2012 Morning Stuff

Ice Age plant regenerated after 30,000 years in fossilized squirrel burrow 
http://bit.ly/w82wsP Globe and Mail
Cool is so may ways

Small cellphone players threaten to sit out next spectrum auction 
http://bit.ly/z1ujqd Globe and Mail
We need more competition in the mobile area

The tale of Toronto’s tainted soil 
http://bit.ly/yWkJlf Globe and Mail
This is why we need government inspections and regulations.

Top 10 Mardi Gras and Carnival celebrations 
http://bit.ly/xjY0Sf Toronto Sun
Who is up for a road trip?

VLC 2.0 Brings a Library Interface to Macs, Experimental Blu-Ray Support to All http://lifehac.kr/z48bOL LifeHacker
Time to upgrade?

How Do I Deal with Interview Questions I’d Rather Not Answer? 
http://lifehac.kr/xXpoej LifeHacker
For my Job hunting friends... Hope it helps

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