Thursday, 2 February 2012

February 2 2012 Evening Stuff

The ultimate tool for the ‘me’ generation Globe and Mail
And I love mine

How Do I Butter Popcorn Without Making It Soggy? LifeHacker
Some great tips

Glassdoor Mines Your Facebook Connections to Help You Find a Job LifeHacker
Hope this helps you

How Flying Will Change in 2012 as a Result of the FAA Reauthorization Bill LifeHacker
This looks good for my flying friends

Be a Grown Up Boy Scout: The Wilderness Survival Skills Everyone Should Know LifeHacker
Be Prepared 

Supercharge Your Creativity by Rebooting Your Morning Routine LifeHacker

An Early Warning System to Predict the Next Supervolcano Eruption IO9

The 10 Most Bizarre Farm Animals, and Why We Need Them IO9 

Ornge CEO fired without severance Toronto Sun
Hard to get fired with out severance... 

The push for open government Montreal Gazette
Open Government is a good thing

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