Monday, 27 February 2012

February 27 2012 Evening Stuff

How to Use Tech to Plan and Optimize Your Garden LifeHacker
Time to start thinking about your Garden

How Honest Should I Be in My Exit Interview? LifeHacker
For those planing a job change

Rinse Berries in a Vinegar Solution to Keep Them Fresh Longer and Mold-Free LifeHacker
Ok sounds good, will have to try it

How You’re Breaking the Law Every Day (and What You Can Do About It) LifeHacker
Oh Oh.... 

Facebook offers mobile carriers way out of Google-Apple duopoly Globe and Mail
Not sure if it is a good idea or not...

Train was switching tracks when it derailed: VIA Toronto Sun
I hope they can figure out what went wrong quickly 

Municipalities to get more say in wind turbines: McGuinty Toronto Sun
I have mixed feelings on this. The local level of government needs some say but we do need more power.   

Universal vaccine could give us a world without the flu IO9
Interesting idea

Facebook ID cards foresee a future where Zuckerberg is your evil overlord IO9
FB does have some advantages. Only problem is that if you "lose" your account you lose everything.

10 Science Fiction Prequels that Aren’t as Bad as Phantom Menace IO9
Not a bad list

10 Science Policies We Wish the Government Would Enforce IO9
Some very good ideas

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