Thursday, 9 February 2012

February 9 2012 Evening Stuff

10 Sexiest Evil Twins of All Time IO9
Very cool 

Meet the Bloop, the mysterious sound from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean IO9

Leggings are boring — try a pair of meat pants on for size IO9
Not sure if cool or gross 

Gonorrhea is becoming untreatable IO9
Wow scary

Perform Nearly Any Windows Task with One Keystroke LifeHacker
This could be cool

Upgrade a Wall Outlet to Charge USB Devices LifeHacker
want to wire my next place with these

Make Frozen Dough Rise Quickly with an Electric Heating Pad LifeHacker
Going to have to remember this trick

Telus launches LTE wireless in 14 cities Globe and Mail 

To Make Perfectly Cooked Steak, Sear It When Frozen Then Cook It in the Oven LifeHacker
Not so sure about this one...

Quirky Scribe Is a Lapdesk That Can Carry Your Laptop, Textbooks, and Pens LifeHacker

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