Saturday, 25 February 2012

February 25 2012 Evening Stuff

Use a Washer to Help Solder LifeHacker
Great hack

Use Hand Sanitizer as Emergency Deodorant LifeHacker
Never Thought of it

Police site shut down after hacking attempt Toronto Sun
Not sure that this is the best way to protest Bill C30. I am personal against C30. I understand what they say they are trying to do but it is the methods they propose that I am against

Hewlett-Packard: Time to rebuild Globe and Mail
I use to love HP but they lost the touch of making great products

Canada entering a ‘Nixonian moment’ after alleged voter suppression: Rae Globe and Mail
A Full Investigation of this is needed

Riding out the storm, pension fund-style Globe and Mail

Rally to support Canadian Saeed Malekpour, sentenced to death in Iran Montreal Gazette
Death Sentence for a program he wrote, being used with out his knowledge, to upload porn. By the same logic andy one who makes a car that someone else kills someone with should be charged too, yes or no? Yet another good reason never to visit Iran with it current government style. Of course the pervious government was no better in any number of ways

Arrested dad wants answers after daughter draws gun pic Toronto Sun
I think the school and the police over reacted on this. What was the school thinking? 

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